Gaming in the classroom

How do we get our students to be more engaged? How to make a test more fun?

Games of course! I recently tried out two new apps - one I had been hearing a lot about and the other came up in a search for the first time last week. The first is Kahoot! which is a fun, though limited, app that allows you to easily great a multiple choice or T/F activity for your class. The students can either play as a whole class in teams or one-on-one. The place to place an image is large and easy to see and the platform is very easy to use. The second one is Socrative which has a few more features that I really like as a language teacher. You can create a multiple choice, T/F, as well as fill in the blank and short answer, which I really like. Another great feature is the ability to see the students answers set up as a graph. This is great to use as a post game class discussion, where the students' names are hidden or to print off with the students names to use as a formative assessment.

This is just a first glance of the two apps. I've only used each one once. I will add to this posting when I have explored them a bit more.

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